Like so many before me, I discovered my calling to this medium with a need to feel a connection to people and explore the world. When I began shooting in 2000, I shot solely in 35 mm black and white film, walking around my hometown of St. Louis, MO or while traveling.  I was equipped with an old Nikon camera a friend gave me and processed my own prints in a darkroom.  I loved spending a whole day in the chemical red glow, listening to music and performing alchemy.

My work began to shift after about ten years into the world of color. Digital SLRs became standard and I now mainly utilize digital mediums in both camera and printing processes.  However, I miss the weight and manual click of the old cameras and the delay in seeing what image I magically captured.

My practice has always been firmly rooted as a way for me to explore, connect and understand communities. I take a walk or drive around and then stop to get out and explore, allowing a slower pace that encourages conversations with people and the time to contemplate and frame moments and scenes.  I also love taking photographs from cars.  I like getting a glimpse of something almost lost in passing.  In our fast paced world, there is a certain reality I like to capture from a possibly blurred, chance encounter I could have only spotted from the access a car or train provides.

I have exhibited my work in galleries and sell my note cards in shops.  I have also been involved in collaborations with artists who practice poetry, music and other forms of visual art.   I enjoy this and look forward to working on more projects in dialogue with others.